Exploded SU Carb

Various utilities with a Triumph application bias.

SU Needle Compare-o-rama
Compare up to 5 SU needles on a graph.

Speed & RPM Calculator
Cross reference mph/kph against rpm and check your speedo accuracy. Built-in database of Triumph gearbox and differential ratios.

Wheel & Tyre Compare-o-rama
Graphically compare wheel and tyre sizes against each other. Check how different tyres will throw your speedo out.

Power to Weight Ratio Calculator
Simple, work out how much extra bhp you get when shaving off those kilos.

An article on tuning SU carbs
A simple to follow guide, at least that was the plan.

How to measure combustion chamber cc
It's simple anyway, this makes it even more so.

Triumph Camshaft Comparer
A visual reference to the various Triumph cams available. Includes Triumph Tune, Kent and Piper.

Triumph Car Comparer
Compares the bhp and kg of various Triumph models.

Converts Megajolt config files to readable CSV files to open in Excel.

Triumph PI to EFI
How I converted my Triumph 2000 to EFI.

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